Implementation & Coaching To Build a Revenue Generating Business
 Packed Into An Academy to Give You What You Need End to End to....

Define Your Niche, Your Secret Sauce (what makes you stand out!)

Design A Blueprint (Strategy) From It

Produce Your 1st "Make Money While You Sleep" Program (+ the strategy to create multiple streams of revenue)

Get Your Backend Technology Done for You

Build a Tribe That Will Buy

✔ The Tools To Design & Execute a Profitable Launch

✔Create Your 6 Figure Revenue Map for the following year

Get Expert Coaching Along The Way
(you get 3 one on one coaching calls with Nicole + every month you have 2 group coaching to support you as we do the work of building your profitable business)


All of that is what we call -

 Brilliance Mastery Academy!
This is what you get….
The FPP Circle    + 

 Bankroll Your Brilliance
Inner Circle
  +    Backend Brilliance

Hello My Brilliant Friend!

I am beyond excited to spend the next 12 months with you making sure you have all the tools and blueprint in place to truly Bankroll Your Brilliance & launch your revenue making strategy the right way for the right people so they say yes and allow you to serve them = pay you, RIGHT NOW!

I’ve seen so many highly skilled professionals do it the wrong way!  And here is where we will set you up the RIGHT way!!

Now it’s time to ignite that brilliance in you! Because there are people waiting for ONLY what you can do!

"No matter where you are, whether you are just starting or you’ve been in business for years, to have a profitable business it always comes down to the same core methodology … and I call it the Brilliance Mastery Method!”

- Nicole Roberts Jones

STAGE 1: You start the journey with ...

The Brilliance Framework Assessment and the modules in the FPP suite (oh you get access to ALL of the FPP Circle program) which will give you clarity, the mindset & methodology you need to set your business up on a strong foundation.  You have your 1st One on One Call with me when you enroll and I guide you through what portions of this stage will benefit you based on where you are.  The work here, will help you laser in on your secret sauce and how to serve a specific niche in your target market + remove any distractors in your way.  Within the 1st few weeks of this work you will know EXACTLY how to articulate your niche and who your ideal client is!

You have probably heard me  say - “a confused mind does not buy!”

Well this is the place where we get rid of any confusion whether you know you are confused or not.  We get down into the blind spots of your secret sauce and anything that can prevent you from living as the highest and best version of you.

See FULL details of the FPP Circle Program by CLICKING HERE

What Do Clients Say?

I knew I had a gift, but it wasn't until I worked with Nicole - where she pulled it out of me - that I discovered exactly how to take it to the masses...

- Andrea McKoy

STAGE 2: Next up is my signature program….

Before you begin this stage,  you will be invited to set up your JUMP Start Coaching Call with me.  This first call, coupled with the work you do in Power of ONE will ensure you are clear before we start digging into the work of Bankroll Your Brilliance Inner Circle

From that clarity we will create your blueprint.  No more piece mailing your business or your revenue generation strategy! Or ANYthing you do in your business.   Your blueprint will be just as a blueprint is for a house =  a detailed plan or program of action which will give you the strategy for EVERYTHING you do going forward.

It will guide us to create your 1st "making money while you sleep" program (that we will produce together)

  It will create the methodology by which you teach whether it is on a stage, on a facebook live, on a podcast, a radio or TV show etc….

It will be the basis for every blog you write or book you publish

I could go on but I think you get my point.

See FULL details of the Bankroll Your Brilliance Inner Circle program by CLICKING HERE

Once we get all of the work done in Bankroll Your Brilliance Inner Circle and we have your 1st making money while you sleep program outlined, you have your 2nd One on One Call with me so that together we walk through your blueprint to assure it is sound and to get you ready to produce from your blueprint as you move into Stage 3.

What Do Clients Say?

As a result of working with Nicole, I've been able to discover how to package what I do into my own blueprint.  I laugh sometimes thinking of how I used to describe what I do and now I do it with such grace & ease. Matter of fact I got a six figure client as soon as I started using my blueprint!

- Dionna Mitchell

STAGE 3:  Last but not least as you start.....

In our last 10 months it is all about implementation.  This is where you will learn the System to Produce, Launch & Sell Your Blueprint.  Now of course we will focus on launching the program you created during Bankroll Your Brilliance Inner Circle but once you learn the system and have implemented it for that program, you will now rinse and repeat to do it quarter over quarter, year after year to fulfill your yearly revenue goal map which I teach you how to do at the end of our time together.

Unlike the other 2 stages where we are in creation mode, Backend Brilliance is implementation at it’s best!!  PLUS our implementation team does the work of building out your backend for you!  

Here is where we do the work to;

  Grow your tribe (mailing list) that will buy.

  Learn how to tell your story so people are asking you to buy before you even make a sales pitch or offer. 

 Our team develops your member center and other fulfillment aspects needed to sell your program.

Produce your first launch.

  After you implement all of this, I will teach you how to create your revenue goal map so you can set goals and generate revenue in your business year after year.

✔ Your last step at the end of the academy is your final One on One Call with me so that I can assure your revenue plan for the year is sound and ready to implement as you rinse and repeat the reputable model you have learned in this academy. 

See FULL details of the Backend Brilliance Implementation Program by CLICKING HERE

What Do Clients Say?

Since working with Nicole to create my blueprint  & develop my backend, my income in my business has grown 500% in the first year.

- Stephanie Michelle

Again What's Included in Brilliance Mastery Academy:

3 One on One Coaching Calls with Nicole Roberts Jones 

12 months of course curriculum 

Mastermind & Group Coaching Calls to move what you learn forward

Over 50 hours of Online Training with Nicole & Special Guest Experts

Checklists, Templates, Calendars, Worksheets & Cheat Sheets

Implementation team sets up all your backend systems for you

Private Facebook Group for networking & support

Plus so much more…..

Included are all 3 stages that make up the Brilliance Mastery Academy….

Enrollment Open to 10 People a Quarter

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