Be The Answer 2021
Join Us To Create
Your Master Biz Plan
From the Comfort of Your Home

If you know anything about Be The Answer!

You know this event is all about implementation, high energy and packed with live coaching!

So how are we actually going to pull this off & make it a simple & safe process for you?


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We've Gone

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NOW more than ever, the world needs that genius in you! 

All YOU need is the right strategy…The community… The coaching … And the motivation to start and grow your businesses!

But these uncertain times have STOPPED us from travel, networking and quite honestly the momentum we need to pour into your brilliance to really understand the fundamentals you need to create multiple streams of income from it…

On top of that!
For so many women, the last year has been very frustrating & demanding…

Work deadlines, kids school schedules ever changing, staying motivated = it’s caused all types of stress most of which we had NO control over!

It seems like the ONLY thing we can control is the choices we make in the midst of what is happening around us! 

And here’s the thing…

Your Life is Dictated By The Choices You Make...Right?

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It's Time You Choose To Go After ALL That God Has For You!

Be The Answer will challenge YOU to define how your life & your gifts matters to all those that need you & will teach you all the ways they will PAY YOU for it!

Are you ready to stop compromising who you are and what you truly want?
Are you ready to move into the highest and best version of who God created you to be?
Are you ready to commit to your success, invest in yourself, and roll up your sleeves to make it happen?

That is Why We Created

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A Virtual LIVE Intensive To Help Women Start or Grow Your Business

At the End of Be The Answer Expect To ...
  • Be clear on how to position your brilliance so that you not only stand out but become the got to in your industry
  • Have a clear vision for what you truly want your business to be, and how to get there on a strong foundation that will set your business up to win.
  • Learn how to create additional revenue streams into your business which can make money for you while you are sleep or while you are at your 9 to 5.  YES you will learn the fundamentals on how to start NOW alongside your day job.
  • Create an execution plan for your next steps + already be taking action to build and/or scale a successful business.
Sound like exactly what you need to go after your MORE?


Be The Answer 2-Day Intensive is a Dynamic Implementation Space Designed to Equip You, the Woman Passion-preneur, with the Mindset and Methods Necessary to Bankroll Your Brilliance.

And we will be streaming LIVE from a production studio so yes this will be more than just a typical zoom meeting. 

2 Full Days

of High-Level Training


with other power-house women just like you

Live Coaching

with Nicole Roberts Jones

You’ll Get It ALL Without…

✔ The cost of an airline ticket
✔ A 3 night hotel stay
✔ Uber/taxi fare
✔ Food costs - 3 meals a day
✔ Paying for childcare while you’re away from home
✔ Etc….

Be The Answer is where I really understood the core of what was holding my business back and the event was full of useful information! Plus I met so many like-minded women.
It was life transforming!

~ Donna Markussen, Beverly, MA

Here's a Sneak Peak
At What You Will Be Learning
During This 2 Day Intensive
Day 1: Mastery & Movement
We’ll spend Day #1 working on:

“Finding Your Voice, Fine Tuning Your Message… & The Strategy For Your Ideal Client To Find You"

During this day, we will laser in on:
Mastering Your Niche..
Getting Clear on WHO is Your Ideal Client..
How To Use The Power of Your Story so Those Who Need You Effortlessly Sees You As Their Answer

and How Allowing Yourself to Be Seen & Heard the RIGHT Way It Will Effortlessly Make You Money

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Day 2: Money Making Methodology
We’ll spend Day #2 building from the work we did on day 1 as we laser in on:

“Creating Multiple Revenue Streams & Developing Your Master Biz Plan”

During this day, we will focus on creating:
At least 6 streams of Income in your business…
How To Position The Right Opportunities for Profit
And Designing the Action Steps for Implementation When You Leave
PLUS You Get 2 BONUSES When you Register
BONUS #1: You receive IMMEDIATELY Upon Registration Nicole’s 5 Week Course --->
Because..... NO Risk = NO Reward = NO Revenue

**Valued at $997*

This gift will allow you to start the work NOW. In this training, Nicole walks you through a 5-volume journey giving you the strategy to push past who you already are you but to really SHOW up into a version of you that you have NOT YET become.


✓    5 Volumes of Online Training Where Nicole Walks You Through:
Volume 1: Master Your Money

This powerful lesson shifts your perspective about wealth and abundance.  The work we start here  is about doing the inner work.  As you will hear Nicole share that what she has learned in her own life is that what you produce in your business and in your life will be a reflection of your mental zip code.

Volume 2: Why Entrepreneurs Fail

This week’s insightful lesson walks you through the 5 major reasons entrepreneurs fail and teaches you insight to assure you are set up to for SUCCESS as you start or grow your business.  The insight here ALONE will prepare you for the 4-step process you will create strategy from at Be The Answer.

Volume 3: The Power of Your Story
What most entrepreneurs do not realize is that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” so Nicole will teach you how to use your story as the catalyst to stand out in a crowded market to grow a tribe that needs you and who will pay you.
Volume 4: More Clients, Conversion & Cash

This is a continuation from week 3 as Nicole walks you through the 4 Reasons You MUST Stand in Your Truth & The 4 E's To Telling Your Story.  This fueled by an exercise we will do LIVE virtually at Be The Answer is a game changer!

Volume 5: Creative Fuel

This lesson is a perfect culmination to set you up for ALL you will learn and walk away from at Be The Answer as you learn the 7 Step Strategy to Serve Bigger, Badder, Bolder.  Yes there is SO MUCH more for you on the other side of where you already are as I give you the strategy to GO and GET IT!

✓     A Weekly Journal... this along with each volume gives you mindset work that allows the lesson to seep in so that you aren't just taking another course but you are ACTIVATING the work as you do it.

This training is the perfect prerequisite to Be The Answer and will prepare you for the PIVOT you will need in order to go after your MORE, your NEXT LEVEL through the exercises you will walk through at Be The Answer

Wherever you are in your business this 5-part series will give you a boost in being unapologetically fierce, being you and getting paid from it.

BONUS #2: You’ll receive ---> Be The Answer SWAG Box 
We will mail to you all the materials & a few gifts so you will have all you need to join us from the comfort of your home

On Top Of All Of That…
You Will Have Access To


That’s right, I told you that we were not letting this pandemic stop us!

We’ll also be doing breakout sessions where you can network with other like minded women in the journey with you.

These sessions can introduce you to:

New Affiliate Partners

Your Next Joint Venture

New Mastermind or Accountability Partners

And You Could Even Meet a Great Sista Friend That You Have for Life!

I left Be The Answer with a renewed sense of purpose & action steps to transfer this new discovery into
ALL areas of my life & business.

~ Stephanie Snowden, Frisco, TX


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You are someone who has a burning desire to do what you love and make money while you do it. We call this group passion-preneurs because you are serious about taking your God given gifts & talents and learn what it takes to TRULY move into the abundance that is your birthright.

It’s time to move from being a hustle-preneur to a TRUE revenue generating passion-preneur. No more trying to “make it work”. Come learn how to use what naturally flows out of you to impact those you’re assigned to. And because they are assigned to you, when you learn the tools and strategies to Be the Answer to their wants and needs, they will effortlessly Pay YOU!

We’re talking action oriented entrepreneurs that are willing to commit to their success, invest in themselves, and roll up their sleeves to make it happen.

Meet Event Producer & Your Coach

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Nicole Roberts Jones is uniquely gifted at one thing–drawing out what’s best in YOU and helping you take your Brilliance to The Bank™. From her early days in the entertainment industry in Talent Management and Casting,  and now works with entrepreneurs to create multiple streams of income from what they already know in order to build an empire from their expertise.

A nationally recognized transformational speaker, best-selling author and Bankroll Your Brilliance™ Expert, she is also the Founder of the Brilliance Mastery Academy & CEO of NRJ Enterprises. With over 20 years’ experience working with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, heads of states, celebrities & nonprofit directors in talent and program development, her clients have included: the Steve Harvey World Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield, McDonalds, Lisa Nichols and Motivating The Masses, Coach Diversity Institute, the BOSS Network and Working Mother Magazine to name a few.

The bottom line? Nicole believes you should get paid for what you know. Your intellectual property is the very thing a group of people want and need, and her life’s work is to hold the space for women that they may package it, build a blueprint to bankroll your brilliance and in so doing be the answer to all those that need you!

What women who have attended virtually, are saying about Be The Answer?

Plus A Few Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Joining to Support You!

Meedie Bardonille

La Vonne Shaw

Leah Holmes

Health Advocate & Chair of DC Board of Nursing

The Erogenous Coach

Dream Body From Love Coach

Lisa Fikes

Monique Pearson

Nyasha Rivera

The Life Strategist

The Travelogist; "Curating Travel Dreams"

Career Design Coach & Leadership Strategist

Rosalyn McIntosh

Yolanda Churchwell

Transformational Coach

Systems Solutionist

Plus A Few Women Entrepreneurs Who Are Also Joining to Support You!

Meedie Bardonille

Health Advocate & Chair of DC Board of Nursing

La Vonne Shaw

The Erogenous Coach

Leah Holmes

Dream Body From Love Coach

Lisa Fikes

The Life Strategist

Monique Pearson

The Travelogist; "Curating Travel Dreams"

Rosalyn McIntosh

Transformational Coach

Yolanda Churchwell

Systems Solutionist

Nyasha Rivera

Career Design Coach & Leadership Strategist

Sponsored by Delta Airlines
It transformed me in a way I never thought was possible!

~ Dr. Lorraine Chatmon, Emporia, VA


?Where is Be The Answer Intensive taking place?

It’s all online! We’ll send you access to a dashboard where you will access everything (our virtual ballroom, breakout sessions etc…)  from the comfort of your home each day 10amEST to 5pmEST + we will send you a SWAG Box with other additional materials you will need & we also have pre-activation activities we will invite you to the week before.  

? What if I can’t watch every session? Will I get access to the recordings?

All the sessions are LIVE and it's important you join us each day because what Nicole teaches builds one on the next. We don’t suggest you miss a session. Plus the best coaching is done in the moment and that is exactly why doing this LIVE is so important to your transformation.  So recordings are NOT available.

? What is your refund policy?

Your ticket is confirmed at time of purchase as we start placing orders for you and getting materials ready for you.   So there are no refunds.

? What is the attire for the event?

Get comfortable! You get to participate from the comfort of your home, although we will see your face on camera so I would at least get dressed from the waist up...LOL  

? Will there be breaks during the day? 

Yes! Just like a live event, we’ll give you time for bathroom breaks, coffee breaks, and lunch time

? How can I best prepare for the event?

Come with your desire to start or grow your business, bring you questions, your goals and objectives bring all you already have.  We will spend time over the 2 days to give you the tools you need to move your brilliance into multiple streams of income. To get the most out of our time together,  clear your schedule of any appointments so you can be fully present to receive the information I’ll be sharing. Turn off your phone, and any other technological distractions, just as you would at a live in-person event.

This event is all about giving you the tools to be the answer God created you to be and to go after the abundance that IS your birthright!