Implementation for the Brilliant Highly Skilled Professional

who knows they needs the VIP Treatment!

Who Knows...

You Needs a Team Behind You!

Desires to Build a Tribe of People Who Need You + Ready to Pay You!

= Wants to Launch Your Blueprint The RIGHT Way
So You Can Take Your Brilliance to the Bank!

This is for you if:

✔︎  You want focused implementation coaching with Nicole Roberts Jones over the next 10 months.

✔︎  You are ready to accelerate your business growth & receive personal attention & strategic planning.

✔︎ You want the NRJ Enterprise Implementation team to do all of the backend work for you.

✔︎ You are ready to create the strategy to launch your blueprint out in the world & you want the insider secrets to build a profitable launch.

✔︎ You want to turn your genius, your Blueprint into revenue generation plan month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year - making multiple revenue streams for years to come!

Whats Included?

» Monthly Mastermind Calls -  these are held on zoom so you can do the work together LIVE during these calls.

» LIVE Master Classes Taught By Experts for additional tools, tips and strategy. 

» LIVE Story Telling Coaching Office Hours to practice your story & get coaching to become the powerhouse story teller to grow your tribe!

» PLUS Monthly Master Lesson for Implementation as follows...

The focus as you start is to get you ready to go after your next level!

✶  Set Up Your One on One Program Audit Strategy Session with Nicole

✶  BONUS Master Lesson: How To Sell Your First Program NOW 

✶  Plus Other BONUSES:

○ Equalize Your Life - This training walks you through the one system you MUST learn to be able to make it all happen.
○ Fierce-ify Your Life - This is mindset strategy at its best. If you are going to go after new heights, we must get your mindset in alignment for not where you are, but where you are going!

Master Lesson 1 - Crafting Your Signature Message 
Learn the art of telling your story that enrolls your  ideal client into them needing you without making a sales pitch.

✶  Every Quarter STORY Telling Coaching Office Hours
Join Nicole LIVE for story telling coaching so that you can effectively touch the hearts and minds if those that need you.

Master Lesson 2 - Visibility Plan
The plan to increase your visibility & grow your tribe using Speaking, Social Media, your Blog etc...

✶  Make Up Master Class & Image Master Class

Master Lesson 3 - Call to Action
How to build free gifts easy & effortlessly to build your tribe as part of your visibility strategy.

✶  Free Gift Creation with Ease Tool.
During this master lesson Nicole introduces you to online resources that makes creating free gifts easy & effortless. 

Master Lesson 4 - Produce Your Program
This module Nicole walks you through step by step to

✔︎ Write your module scripts
Produce your videos for each module
✔︎ Create your homework/handouts
Sample Packet to help you write all fulfillment emails

DONE FOR YOU = DONE FOR YOU = Implementation Team Builds  Your Backend
Sets Up Your Ontraport (PLUS import contacts from previous CRM)
Merchant Configuration
Create Your Member Center
Branded Page
       Set up the email sequence for your program

✶  A Resource Center with additional tools and team you may need along the way.

Master Lesson 5 - Mastering The Online Close 
The principles to make an Invitation To Purchase & how to write copy & build a sales page.

DONE FOR YOU = Implementation Team will audit your sales page 

✶  Sales Page Master Class

Master Lesson 6 - Webinars that Convert
This master lesson walks you through:

✔︎  Your Webinar Agenda
How To Do a Call to Action
Webinar Tools

✔︎  Sample book for emails you need = Nurturing, Fufillment & Sales

DONE FOR YOU = Implementation Team will

✔︎  Create Your Branded Webinar Opt In Page
✔︎  Set up your webinar email campaigns
✔︎  Create branded replay page
✔︎  Create the post webinar email campaign to drive sales to your sales page

Master Lesson 7 - Social Media Challenge 
Every client that follows this system finishes with hundreds of opt ins and ready to launch and sell their program.

✶  A Resource Center section for social media that will introduce you to additional tools that help you implement this system.

Master Lesson 8 - Revenue Goal Map
Map out your entire next year and learn the ingredients you need to get to your revenue goal for the next year and going forward.

✶  The Summit Blueprint. This is one of the 4 quarterly marketing systems Nicole will walk you through as an option for next level tribe building as part of your revenue goal map.

No more spending hours trying to figure it ALL out, as Nicole walks alongside you over the next 8 months to get it all done!

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Enrollment is Limited to 10 People Per Quarter

Who are Focused & Abundantly Ambitious
Who Want to Get Their Program Up, Running & Ready to Serve the World
+ Generate Revenue While You Do It!

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